Coveresque feat. Pandemonium by Lauren Oliver (US vs. UK vs.German)

    US                                       UK                                    German

PANDEMONIUM is the sequel to Lauren Oliver's DELIRIUM (which is one of my all time favourite books!) and it finally got a German cover. So there was no way round a PANDEMONIUM coveresque.

We never got to see the US cover for PANDEMONIUM following the original cover art, unfortunately. The re-design is ok for me, but the US cover isn't exactly one I'craving to see on a book on my shelf.
I was an immediate fan of the UK cover the second I got a first glimpse at it. I'm in love with it! With the flower scenery, romantic sunset, the colors, the light and the silhouetted girl in the centre, it has everything beautiful on one single cover image. My number one cover choice for this book!

If you've seen the German DELIRIUM cover, you probably haven't expected too much of the PANDEMONIUM cove aswell. But it better and I have to say that I actually like the cover. The writing, 'Kampf' meaning 'fight' or 'battle', all over it , the bluish colors and the girl's face.

Which do you like best?
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