Coveresque feat. Tempest by Julie Cross (US vs. French vs.German)

US                                         French                                   German

TEMPEST by Julie Cross was one of my favourite reads in January. I brought it with me on my Sweden holidays and it was a fabulously entertaining story. Jackson and Holly's chemistry was just perfect and that's why I love the US cover so much. It was the cover that drew my attention to this 2012 debut novel with its energizing background of a dark and powerful storm. In the middle of it are Holly and Jackson torn apart by time, their pose full of tension and longing.

The French cover is plain at first sight, held in greyish colours. The longer I look at the cover, the better I like it. My favourite detail are the target rings around its title "Les ennemis du temps"(translated to: "The enemies of time" I guess).

Purple is my favourite colour, still the German cover is my least favourite out of these three. The effect of the guy walking on the 3D-like title is interesting though. "Sturz in die Zeit" can be translated to "Fall in time".

What do you think?

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