Blogger Abroad: In Switzerland

In the last few weeks my blog posts have been published a bit more irregularly and you might have wondered why that is. I'm in Basel, Switzerland at the moment and I'm spending my semestre abroad here. 

Basel is the third biggest city in Switzerland, has 170.000 inhabitants and is only a few kilometres away from the German and French border. Right now I'm pretty happy to be here. I didn't imagine the city to be so beautiful and my uni courses so much fun. I just got the best course ever, it's about YA books and the various elements that influence a review!

Have a look at my new home for the next few months:

 Skyline with Basel's red M√ľnster

 Miniature Basel

 Town Hall

Basel at Night

 Where I read today...

 Reading Material

I'm provided with lots of reading material and every book sent to my home address in Germany will be forwarded to Switzerland. I hope I'll find the time to do as much blogging as before and spread some more comment love in the next weeks!

Have a great weekend,

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