Coveresque feat. Clarity by Kim Harrington (US vs. French vs.German)

   US                                             French                                   German

CLARITY is Kim Harrington's YA debut novel. I read it last year and really liked the story. Clare, the protagonist, has a special gift to see things others can't. That ability and her strong relationship to her brother, now prime suspect, get her involved in a thrilling as mysterious murder case.

I don't really have to think about which cover I like best, it was decided from the start. The French cover is a bit too graphic and simple for my taste and the German cover looks just creepy to me, like something dark and impalpable.
The US cover is my absolute favourite, because the cover model looks just like I would have pictured Clare. I like the washed-out feel of its colors, the light reflexes in her face, the birds in the background and the maritime feel of the setting.

Which do you like best?
New US paperback cover & UK cover
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